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Atid means “future” in Hebrew. As Women’s League for Conservative Judaism enters its second century, Torah Fund begins its 77th year, and the State of Israel enters its 71st year. We look forward with joy to our future together with you, our sisterhood members and supporters of Torah Fund.

When the classical rabbinic texts speak of the future using the word atid, it usually appears in the phrase “le’atid lavo,” which means “in the future to come.” By this, they mean either the day when the Messiah will come, or olam haba, the afterlife. Israelis, referring to this life, are known to say with optimism, “Yesh atid,” which means “there is a future!”

How do you envision your future? Your personal future, the future of your family, the future of your community, of the United States, Canada, and Israel? When you dream of a bright future, is it in the next world or this one? The seminaries of the Conservative/Masorti movement, which we support through Torah Fund, are doing the great work that helps us navigate our future together, as one people. Our sisterhoods provide the social and educational networks – the extended family – that help us go forward into our future, as Jewish women, with confidence.

The 5779 Torah Fund pin envelopes the Hebrew word for “future” (atid) with a stylized Magen David. It represents our wish for a distinctly Jewish future, for ourselves as individuals, for our families, and our communities.

Women’s League’s support of the Torah Fund Campaign helps strengthen Conservative/Masorti Judaism throughout the world.

For seventy-five years, the aim of the Torah Fund campaign is to ensure that Conservative/Masorti Judaism lives and thrives.  Women’s League of Conservative Judaism Torah Fund supports the students at Jewish Theological Seminary (New York, NY), Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies (Los Angeles, CA), Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies (Jerusalem), Seminario Rabbinico LatinoAmericano (Buenos Aires), and Zacharias Frankel Rabbinical College (Potsdam, Germany). These universities educate our future Jewish Conservative clergy, scholars, educators and leaders.  

Zacharias Frankel Rabbinical College
Potsdam, Germany


There are many ways to support Torah Fund

  • Torah Fund cards can be purchased in our Judaica Shop or through Hilary Braun for every occasion (birth, thank you, get well, special occasion, condolence)
  • Certificates


The Torah Fund Mission

To give every person an opportunity to participate in preserving, promoting, and perpetuating Conservative/Masorti Jewish education through active giving to Torah Fund Campaign for Women’s League for Conservative Judaism in support of The Jewish Theological Seminary, Ziegler School for Rabbinic Studies, Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies, Seminario Rabinico Latinoamericano, and Zacharias Frankel Rabbinical College.


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You will receive this beautiful pin as a thank you for your Benefactor, Guardian, and above donation.

Click here to see the 2018-2019 -5779 Torah Fund Campaign details.  

Donations at the Benefactor level or above can be made in installments between now and June 1, 2019. 


Contact Hilary Braun, Congregation Beth Shalom Sisterhood Torah Fund Chair to make arrangements, purchase cards, certificates, or any questions at 847.272.1603 or h[email protected]



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