Thank yous from the Troops who have received your donations!

I wanted to let you know that the package you sent arrived today.  I can't thank you enough.  I will be sure to share with all of my co-workers.  It was so very kind of you to take the time and think of us.   It's people like you back home that make everything we are doing over here worth it.  Honestly, the Thank Yous are more than we could ever ask for and they really do mean a lot to all of us.

(name withheld)
Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan

Thank you so very much for the very thoughtful care packages.  My fellow service members and State Department workers immediately put all the food and toiletries to great use.  Every item in the two boxes quickly improved our morale.  We truly appreciate your thoughtfulness and generosity.  Thanks again for thinking of us.

(name withheld)
Kabul, Afghanistan

I got your package and I appreciate it very much.  It is always so nice to know that somebody who doesn't even know me would take the time to put something together for myself and my soldiers.  I can never thank you enough.  It's people like you who make everything we go through here worth it in the end.  Everyone appreciates your thoughtfulness!

(name withheld)

We got the boxes with all the baked goods the other day.  Thank you very much everybody really enjoyed everything.  The only thing I have left is some of the peanut butter cookies, and that's because I held on to them.  The brownies that were sent were gone really fast.  Everybody loved the chocolate chips in them.  All the other goodies were also very much appreciated! I just want to say thank you again from all the Second Platoon.  Hope all is well with you and your Congregation.

(name withheld)

Thank you so very much for the care packages you sent my way.  It was a great surprise when I went to the post office, and I will distribute the items around to all the guys deployed here.Please pass on my thanks and best wishes to the congregation at Beth Shalom.  It is always nice to know that people back home are still thinking about us, despite the fact we've been in conflict for over 10 years.  Again, many thanks!

(name withheld)

Thank you very much for the wonderful Passover care packages.  My teammates and I enjoyed the wonderful Passover treats and put the various toiletries to good use.  There were about 30 people at the seder I attended, and we had a great time.  An Army Cantor led the seder, and we were able to have a traditional seder in an Islam country.  I truly appreciate your generosity and thoughtfulness during my deployment.  Your kindness has helped make the year go by quickly and minimize the affect of being separated from my family.  Words can't express my gratitude.

(name withheld)

"I received another terrific package from you on behalf of Congregation Beth Shalom.  Thank you so much!  It comes at a terrific time as we will be visiting some local orphanages soon and I will definitely bring some much needed soap, cookies and candy to the children to brighten their day.  Everyone down here really appreciates everything your Congregation has done for us, and we will never be able to say thanks enough! As I will be leaving Honduras soon, it is good to know that your Congregation cares so much for the men and women of the Armed Forces.

Thank you always. Respectfully,
(name withheld)


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