September - What is Your Signature Mitzvah?

What is YOUR Signature Mitzvah? from Congregation Beth Shalom on Vimeo.

Rabbi Carl Wolkin discusses the concept of "signature mitzvah" while introducing Congregation Beth Shalom's Mitzvah Initiative.


SIGNATURE MITZVAH study materials

A PDF version of the Signature Mitzvah study materials (pages 4 - 6) may be downloaded and viewed on your computer (or printed if you find it difficult to read on your computer) by clicking here.

Please remember to read the Discussion Questions before you begin studying! Combined with the short video above, the questions will frame the selected texts for you. After you have finished, go back and reread the Discussion Questions to see if anything you have seen or read makes you feel any different.


To complete this session of online study, please click here to complete our ONLINE SIGNATURE MITZVAH Survey.


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