Rosengard Museum

The Rosengard Museum of Congregation Beth Shalom displays Judaic ritual and ceremonial objects, Megillot (Books of) Esther, items for Jewish life cycle events, and Jewish artwork.

The museum’s permanent rotating collection has grown through donations, outright gifts, and purchases. We take pride that many congregants have provided items on-loan from their personal collection in order that the entire Beth Shalom Family and guests can admire the items.

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Holocaust Torah

We are extremely privileged to have obtained a Torah Scroll from the Czech Memorial Scrolls Trust. This Torah scroll, 1 of 1564, seized by the Nazis during World War II is on permanent loan to Congregation Beth Shalom.

When the Nazis fled Poland, the 1564 Torah Scrolls were abandoned and left in the basement of a Prague synagogue. The Torah Scrolls were restored and distributed to synagogues throughout the world. Our Torah Scroll can be traced to Brno, Czechoslovakia where 11,000 Jews were deported to death camps between December 2, 1941 and July 1, 1943. The Torahs of the Czech Memorial Scrolls Trust became a memorial to the vanished communities that once treasured them.

Please contact Ellen Grossman, Museum Chairman at [email protected], should you have an item you wish to donate or provide on loan to Beth Shalom.


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