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The festival of Purim is celebrated every year on the 14th day of the Hebrew month Adar.  This holiday commeorates the salvation of the Jewish people in ancient Persia from Haman's plot to annihilate all the Jews in a single day.   We hear the complete story of how Mordechai and Queen Esther helped save the Jewish people when we read the Megillah once at night and a second time on Purim day.

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Suggested Reading

Preschool - Second Grade Aleph - Bet Gimel, Daled, and Hay Adult  CDs and DVDs Websites




Title Author                                   
PreSchool, Kindergarten, First, and Second Grades   
Barnyard Purim Terwilliger, Kelly
The Better-Than-Best Purim Howland, Naomi
A Child's First Book of Jewish Holidays Kolatch, Alfred J.
Clap and Count!  Action Rhymes for the Jewish Year Jules, Jacqueline
A Costume for Noah:  A Purim Story Topek, Susan Remick
Goldie's Purim Zalben, Jane Breskin
It Happened in Shushan:  A Purim Story Feder, Harriet
Happy Purim Night Simon, Norma
In the Synagogue Wikler, Madeline
Make Your Own Megillah:  A Chanukah story Adler, David A.
It's Party Time:  A Purim Story Zucker, Jonny
On Purim Fishman, Cathy Goldberg
Purim Bredeson, Carmen
Purim! Kress, Camille
Purim Nerlove, Miriam
Purim Peppas, Lynn
A Purim Album Zwerin, Raymond A.
Purr-im Cat Gottlieb, Wendy Ruth
The Purim Parade Wikler, Madeline
Purim Play Schotter, Roni
A Purim Poem! Dorph, Rena
A Purim Story Davis, Linda
The Purim Superhero Kushner, Elisabeth
It's Purim Time Simon, Norma
The Queen Who Saved Her People Balsley, Tilda
Sammy Spider's First Purim Rouss, Sylvia
Talia and the Haman-Tushies Goldin, Barbara
Ten Holiday Jewish Children's Stories Marshall, Linda Elovitz
The Very Best Book Rosenfeld, Dina
What Do You See on Purim Goetz, Bracha
When it's Purim Zolkower, Edie Stoltz
The Yarmulke, Kippah, Coppel Book Friedman, Rifka
Aleph and Bet Classes
Beni's Family Treasury:  Stories for the Jewish Holidays Zalben, Jane Breskin
Cakes and Miracals:  A Purim Tale Goldin, Barbara
Cultural Traditions in Israel Aloian, Molly
Danny Loves a Holiday Taylor, Sydney
Drawing Your Way Through the Jewish Holidays Schick, Eleanor
Esther Chaikin, Miriam
Festival of Esther:  The Story of Purim Silverman, Maida
A First Book of Jewish Holiidays Cedarbaum, Sophia N.
Happy Purim with Fishele and Fraydele Shain, Fagie
Holiday Work and Play Fischman, Joyce
Hooray!  It's Purim Shoshannah, Rick
Make Noise, Make Merry:  The Story and Meaning of Purim  Chaikin, Miriam
The Mitzvah Girl Geller, Beverly
A Picture Book of Jewish Holidays Adler, David
Poems for Jewish Holidays Livingston, Myra Cohn
On Purim Fishman, Cathy Goldberg
Purim Cone, Molly
Purim Grishaver, Joel Lurie
Purim Schlein, Miriam
The Purim Costume Adler, Esther
The Purim Goat Suhl, Yuri
Purim Goodies Based on a Story by Shalom Aleichem Hoffman, Amalia
Purim:  A Joyous Holiday Cedarbaum, Sophia
The Purim Machine Levin, Malka
The Purim Spiel and Other Stories Geduld, Harry M.
The Purim Surprise Belsky, Judith
The Queen of Persia:  An Illustrated Adaption of an Ancient Story Shazak
The Queen Who Saved Her People Groner, Judyth
Raisel's Riddle Silverman, Erica
Sam and Charlie (And Sam Too!) Kimmelman, Leslie
The Shushan Chronicle:  The Story of Purim Gottlieb, Yaff Leba
The Story of Esther  Kimmel, Eric A.
The Story of Queen Esther Koralek, Jenny
Ten Holiday Jewish Children's Stories Golden, Barbara
The Uninvited Guest and other Jewish Holiday Tales Jaffe, Nina
The Whole Megillah (Almost) Silberman, Shoshana
Yiddish Stories, Old and New Howe, Irving
Gimel, Daled, and Hay Classes
Behold Your Queen  Malvern, Gladys
Make Noise, Make Merry:  The story and meaning of Purim Chaikin, Miriam
Make Your Own Megillah:  A Chanukah Story Groner, Judyth
The Animated Megillah:  A Purim Adventure Sidon, Efrayim
The Power of Purim, and Other Plays:  A series of one act plays designed for Jewish religious schools Kraft, Irma
The Purim Spiel and Other Stories Gedule, Harry M.
The Quees nof Persia:  An Illustrated Adaption of an Ancient Story Shazak Productions
The Shushan Chronicle:  The Story of Purim Gottlieb, Yaff Leba
The Uninvited Guests and Other Jewish Holiday Tales Jaffe, Nina
The Whole Megillah (Almost) Silberman, Shoshana
Yiddish Stories, Old and New Howe, Irving
Adult Books
A Reluctant Queen:  The Love story of Esther Wolf, Joan
The Jewish Holiday Home Companion Mandelkern, Nicolas D.
Celebrating the Jewish Year:  The Winer Holdays Hanukkah, Tu B'Shevat, Purim Steinberg, Paul
Reckless Rites:  Purim & the Legacy of Jewish Violence Horowitz, Elliot
Jewish Holiday Cooking:  A Food Lover's Treasury of Classics and Improvisations  Cohen, Jayne
Jewish Holiday in Song  Pasernak, Velvel
Purim and Hanukkah in Custom and Tradition:  Feast of Lots, Feast of Lights   Gaster,Theodor Herzl
Purim it's Observance and Significance:  A Presentation Based on Talmudic and traditional sources  Gold, Avie
Purim Revealed:  The Inside Story of Megillas Esther  Winter, Naphtali
The Purim Anthology  Goodman, Philip
Purim Anthology   Goodman, Philip
Al Hanissim:  The Complete Story of Purim  Lamberski, Meir
Megillat Esther  Gordis Robert
Turnabout:  The Purim Story:  MegalisEsther in Novelette Form Based on the Malbim's Commentary  Weinbach Mendel
CDs and DVDs  
Agent Emes in Shushan Shpittsburgh:  A Purim Tale DVD
Animated Book of Esther DVD
Esther DVD
For Your Consideration DVD
Jewish Holiday Adventure DVD
To Life!  Chanukah and Other Jewish Celebrations CD
The Queen of Persia:  The story of Purim  DVD
Shalom Sesame:  Be Happy, It's Purim!   DVD
Shirim Al Galgalim-Songs on Wheels  CD
Aish Purim Story
Chabad Purim Songs, Videos, Recipes and Crafts
Lil Fingers Purim Sweets for Toddlers Interactive Story
Shalom Sesame Purim Stories Movies
Torah Tots Purim Stories, Coloring Pages, and Games









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