President's Corner

Check in here to get the latest word on our major accomplishments, upcoming events, and your opportunities to participate and contribute from our Men's Club President Steven Elisco.

And So It Begins!

As I begin my two year term as your Men's Club President, I cannot help but think back to those early years. 

It is truly amazing how our first generation of CBS leadership organized synagogue life with every aspect occurring at a different facility.  Then as the congregation grew, finding new facilities with a larger capacity and finally, our own building.  But yet they made it seem easy and normal, and a sense of continuity was created.  Everyone had a job to do, everyone felt they had a purpose, and most importantly, everyone was family.

I find it humbling as I now step in the shoes of that first generation of Men's Club leaders who I greatly admired and who were important role models for me as a teenager and as I matured into a young man.

As we start this year, we begin with honoring one of our own.  I am pleased to announce that Howard Minkoff was named the  FJMC Midwest Region's 2019 MA'ASIM TOVIM Honoree.  This award was bestowed upon Howard at the JFMC International Convention in Toronto, Canada, which was held from July 3-7.  So when you see him, please extend a healthy Yasher Koach.   

The Executive Board and I are busy finalizing our Calendar of Programs, but I would like to share with you some of our annual programs, which have been scheduled as follows:

  • Opening Dinner, September 5, 2019.  Let's celebrate the NFL at 100 when the Bears play the Packers
  • Erev Thanksgiving, November 27, 2019, featuring the Jesse White Tumblers
  • World Wide Wrap, February 3, 2020, with a special new format by Cantor Stoehr
  • Lox Box Delivery, March 1, 2020.  Think about going Double Lox Box this year!
  • Men's Club Shabbat, April 11, 2020. Yes, it is during Pesach.  Look forward to a special Kiddush

We look forward to your participation in these programs as well as the many more yet to be announced.  The CBS Men's Club will continue to be present to support all that CBS does Spiritually, Educationally, and Socially.

I hope to see you at many of our upcoming events!



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