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Marian Renee Saltzberg Learning Resource Center

    •  Anyone who thinks the world is without magic, hasn't been to a library”  - Amy Dominy author of OyMG

      The mission of the  Beth Shalom Synagogue Library is to provide Judaic materials not readily available in the wider secular community that will support and enhance the various programs of the synagogue and provide a framework for lifelong learning among the clergy, staff, and members of the congregation.


      • Provide easy access to Jewish information for the membership, clergy, staff, and youth of the congregation.

      • Provide resources for the study of Judaism, including CDs, DVDs, translations of traditional works and other materials in both print and electronic formats.

      • Support and encourage the Jewish tradition of lifelong study.

      • To be a center for Jewish learning

      • Provide quality materials about Judaism, its history, practices and beliefs as well as its relevance to our lives.

      The resource center includes more than 12,000 items of Judaic content and related subjects in varied formats of books, periodicals, large print books, audio books, DVDs, and CDs.  We have material for all ages and backgrounds both educational and entertaining.

      Areas of Collection:

      • Bible and commentaries, including Midrash

      • Jewish legal tradition, including Mishna, Talmud and Halakha

      • Kabbalah, Chasidah and Jewish spirituality

      • Jewish philosophy, ethics and Mussar

      • Liturgy, including commentaries and music

      • History

       The facility includes:

      • An extensive reference section

      • A computer station with printer

      • The Horowitz Family Adult Learning Room

      • Private spaces for tutorial and individual or group study

      • Children's story area with riser seating

      • Coffee lounge

      • Comfortable reading area with arm chairs and couches

      • Free Wi-Fi

      Please visit us to chat about a favorite book, dvd, or cd; to offer suggestions for purchase; to browse the collection; and of course, to check out material.


      The resource center is always open to members of the congregation.  Feel free to relax in the coffee lounge, use the computer lab, study, or check out a book (just sign it out at the circulation desk).  If you find the door locked, somebody in the main office will open the resource center for you.  They can also assist you in taking out a DVD.

      During the school year, staff is usually available on Tuesday evenings and Sunday mornings when the religous school is in session.

      We can always arrange to be available for you if you email us ahead of time.  If you have an urgent request, please inform the front office and they will reach us. 

      Have you checked out our online library catalog?

      You can search for a title from one of our over 12,000 items on any internet based device. Just click here and then click on Congregation Beth Shalom and search through our books, dvds and cds. Once you find the item, call (847)498-4100 or email us ([email protected]).

      We can put the item aside for you to pick up!





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