Letter from the Clergy

Welcome to Congregation Beth Shalom


“May the door of our Synagogue
Be wide enough to receive
All who hunger for love.
All who are lonely for fellowship…
May our synagogue be,
For all who enter,
The doorway to
A richer and more meaningful life.”

These words are reflective of the philosophy of our congregation, your congregation. One of the essential characteristics of Beth Shalom is warmth/friendliness. We like to think of ourselves as a large family and our building as a place people can call home. It is in this manner that our name is so relevant. Shalom means “welcome” and the atmosphere here radiates a feeling of community in which people have found lasting and fulfilling relationships.

We are a congregation whose approach to Judaism takes both tradition and the modern world seriously. We practice a Judaism that is durable yet relevant, intellectually and spiritually satisfying and enjoyable.

We take special pride in the scope of our synagogue programming. We know that there are certain basics which all people want from their synagogue, yet we also recognize that in a sizable congregation like ours, the needs are nearly as numerous as our membership. We are constantly working to be responsive to the broad range of interest and age groups.

Shabbat and Festival services at Beth Shalom are invariably times for celebration, as well as worship. Due to the youthfulness of our congregation, babynamings, B’nai Mitzvah and Aufrufs abound. It is not uncommon to see young people who were given their Jewish names on our bimah, returning for their Bar/Bat Mitzvah and just a few years later for a blessing as they prepare to be married. One of our newest initiatives has been our once a month SHABBATONE service where the entire family can come and worship in a creative Friday Night service enhanced beautifully by musical instruments.

Our egalitarian philosophy is not only reflected in our ritual life as a congregation but in our lay and professional leadership and throughout the full spectrum of opportunities at Beth Shalom. We hope you will join us and actively partake in these opportunities.

Aaron Melman,  Rabbi
Steven Stoehr, Cantor
Ari Averbach, Assistant Rabbi

The "repair of the world" is a Jewish imperative. Congregation Beth Shalom strives to help its members bring Jewish perspective to the search for social justice and the alleviation of suffering, and to assume positions of service and leadership in the larger Jewish and general communities.

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