Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About the Interfaith Family Initiative/Keruv at CBS

We hope that this website information has piqued your interest in CBS Keruv, and that you will join us both to participate in our programming, and to help us shape it to best meet your needs.

Interfaith couples and their extended families have many questions and ideas about whether they will embrace either or both partner’s religious beliefs and practices, and if so how. We have a great deal of detailed information to help you understand how Congregation Beth Shalom can support you as you explore these questions. Here are four FAQs that will provide a high level view of how we can help you on your journey.

What is the value for the Jewish partner/spouse in an interfaith relationship to participate in activities at CBS?
The congregation will welcome and embrace your entire family at all synagogue programs including educational, religious and social. CBS will help support a strong Jewish household through these programs at the same time as it respects the unique needs of the non-Jewish partner/spouse.

What is the value for the non-Jewish partner/spouse in an interfaith relationship to participate in activities at CBS?
The congregation will welcome and embrace the non-Jewish partner/spouse along with the Jewish partner/spouse and their children in a non-judgmental and open-minded manner. The door of the synagogue will always be open to all, and we will meet you where you are in your religious journey.

What is the value for my interfaith family to participate in activities at CBS?
Your opportunities for involvement in our community are very broad. You may participate in and explore our outstanding educational, social, community service and religious programs. Our community is dedicated to help all people who want to be a part of it to grow spiritually and morally as human beings by learning, helping others, and discovering the richness of a religious tradition. This and much more are all filtered through the wondrous lens of Judaism. All of us are on a journey to find meaning in our lives. The best way to do this is in the company of a caring community of others who share the same aspirations.

What is the value to CBS in having me, my non-Jewish partner/spouse, and/or my interfaith family involved?
CBS thrives by combining the beauty and strength of our rich heritage and traditions with new and innovative practices, in a way that resonates with our membership. Our ShabbaTONE!, Discovery Minyan and Connect "4" Shabbat services are just a few examples of how we engage our current congregation, and seek to attract new members. By participating and becoming involved in our congregation, you will help us continue to evolve and grow, and to bring the beauty of Conservative Judaism to a wider audience.


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