Chavurah Handbook


Congregation Beth Shalom has many exciting offerings to its members and Chavurah is one of them. Chavurah is thriving at CBS and has added ruach to many of our families’ lives. In order to simplify life at CBS and in a Chavurah, we have prepared this family resource guide which includes some basic guidelines to help you organize your group, and develop programming that can be customized to your own unique needs. Consider also using the professional staff as facilitators for discussions or as a resource tool.

Congregation Beth Shalom Glossary

Here is a selection of terms and their meanings to help you navigate around CBS

Chavurah Groups

Each Chavurah group has a different focus and commonality and has a liaison who takes the lead role. An annual organizational meeting should be held the end of each year to plan for the upcoming year. At this meeting all members are encouraged to bring a calendar and ideas, in order to establish dates and potential programs for the next year (which usually begins with the High Holiday period). For planning purposes, it usually works best if each family hosts a monthly program and is responsible for communicating, orchestrating, and coordinating the event.


Kashrut observance among Chavurah members are asked to be respected.

Program Ideas

Possibilities around Synagogue Activities, Shabbat, Holidays, Social Action, Israel, Education, and Social Events should be explored. Congregation Beth Shalom offers a wide variety of functions throughout the year which provides opportunities for a Chavurah group to partake in. Check the CBS calendar for an extensive listing of events including ShabbaTone Friday night services, Sisterhood Adult Education Courses, CBS University, Distinguished Speakers Programs, Young Family Outreach/Men’s Club/Sisterhood/Family Programs/Youth Programs, and Tikun Olam (repairing the world).


Participate in synagogue services on the sabbath or create your own Chavurah Shabbat.

  • Alternate Shabbat dinners at homes of Chavurah members and then attend Friday night services together
  • Plan to meet at services on Shabbat morning and stay and schmooze together during the Kiddush.


Participate together as a Chavurah at some of the holiday celebrations hosted by CBS and also develop your own programs around the holidays .

Websites with Ideas for Other Activities

Kosher Dining Possibilities


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