Handy Links


This is a really handy site that you can look at to find out what your Torah portion is actually ABOUT, and you can get some ideas about how to write your D'var Torah:

United Synagogue for Conservative Judaism Torah Study


This is a REALLY fun site! find the cartoon with your Torah portion, and get a really fun perspective on it!:



This site has everything you need to know about what your Torah portion and Haftarah will be. Check it out!



Of course our Mechina (Trope) Class Sound Files page on the Congregation Beth Shalom website has everything you need to chant for your bar or bat mitzvah, but this is a great site that will help you learn tropes and prayers as well! (Just in case you can't get enough of it!)

Kavanah Corner


Any question you have about Jewish stuff... This is a great website to check it out, whether it's history or holidays, or customs, or your Torah portion, there is TONS of stuff on this website, and it's worth looking at: 

My Jewish Learning


In case you were curious:

History of the Bar Mitzvah

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