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As of the 2013-14 billing cycle, there will be changes to what is seen on the bill.  Sisterhood and Men's Club annual dues will be billed along with dues, school fees and building fund.  We are adding a few payment options, which will show up on the billing statement as well.  Beginning July 1, 2013 Congregation Beth Shalom will accept credit card payments for dues, school fees, programs and donations.  In addition, congregants will have the option of paying using ACH (electronic check).  As part of our synagogue's continuing efforts to meet our member's needs, accepting credit cards and ACH payments is a convenience that will make it easier on both parties and improve cash flow throughout the year.  Credit card payment, while a convenience, comes at an incremental cost to the Congregation. To offset this cost, each time you request a credit card payment, we will add a convenience fee of 3% of the transaction amount.  The surcharge is tax deductible, similar to other donations to the synagogue.  ACH and Debit card payments will not be surcharged.

We have addressed some frequently asked questions that should help explain further our policies on credit card acceptance.

Why is Congregation Beth Shalom accepting credit cards?

The synagogue is accepting credit cards as a convenience for our members.

What credit cards are accepted?

Congregation Beth Shalom accepts Visa, MasterCard and Discover and American Express.

Can I use my debit card?

You must let us know if the card you are using is a Debit card. Debit cards are not subject to the surcharge.

How do I make a payment with my credit card?

The monthly statement will have a transmittal that you can use to submit your credit card information or you can

stop by or call our financial office at 847-498-4100 to process a credit card payment.

How do I make a recurring or one-time payment using ACH (Electronic Check)?

We will provide set-up forms at billing time, or you can stop by the office or call to have a form sent to you. Please

provide a voided check for account verification.

Is there a minimum credit card transaction?

We prefer that you use this convenient form of payment for charges and donations $25 and over.

Why is Congregation Beth Shalom charging a 3% convenience fee over and above my payment?

We expect that members who benefit from this convenience will help cover some of the expenses that we incur

directly related to our acceptance of credit cards. This fee is permitted by law and does not exceed our actual costs

incurred. The surcharge is subject to change from time to time. Debit cards are not subject to the surcharge.

Can credit cards be used to pay for Men’s Club or Sisterhood programs?

Men’s Club and Sisterhood have their own credit card policies which may be different than CBS policies.

Are there other Congregation Beth Shalom programs where credit cards are not accepted?

We are not able to accept credit card payments for our Gift Card fundraising program.

What if my credit card payment is declined?

We will notify you of the declined charge and you will be responsible for paying your obligations with a check or

another form of payment. Any charges incurred by CBS related to a declined charge will be added to your account

balance. You may need to contact your credit card issuer to resolve any issues.

What security measures are in place to protect my privacy?

All personal information collected by CBS is secure. Our privacy policy can be read on our website. Our

synagogue software product has integrated security and credit card processing features. We use encryption

technology to ensure online security for your personal information and transactions. There is limited staff access to

our electronic financial records. We use a shredder to destroy any paperwork that is no longer needed for backup.

Who can I contact with additional questions?

Please contact our office at 847-498-4100 and speak with Michael Garlin or our controller, Susan Karlinsky.

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